06 Feb

Early Front-Runners for 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination


While 2014 may have only just begun, the election cycle for the 2016 US presidential race is already heating up. While there is no clear choice as of yet, front-runners for the Republican nomination appear to be Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. For the GOP, the 2016 race is wide open enough  to prompt Mitt Romney to reportedly contemplate throwing his hat into the ring.

These candidates are all over political talk shows, vying for on air interviews to announce their policies and are beginning to travel the country. Chris Christie’s bridge gate has become a much bigger story then it should have been, mostly because of his 2016 ambitions. Christie, the one time storied front runner who seemed all but locked up to be the main face of the party is now back to being just another candidate following bridge gate.


Romney. Image courtesy of biography.com

Mitt Romney is a name no one thought they would hear in relation to the 2016 race, but his recent appearances on such shows as Fox News Sunday have sparked renewed interest in this possibility. Romney has even been included in a list of names put forward to New Hampshire Republicans, a poll in which he came out on top. Romney continues to say he will not run a third time for President, however, if none of the candidates garner enough support from the establishment, it will be tough for him to say no if the party comes knocking.

On the far right are the candidates of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Marco Rubio. These candidates are important for the Tea Party Republicans. However, most of these candidates will follow the trends set in the 2012 elections. This means each of these candidates is likely to enjoy the spotlight for a few weeks and then fade back to their respective areas of the country.


Dark horses from this group are Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee. Marco Rubio has a bright future in national politics and his policies on immigration could allow him to compete in a 2016 general election. Mike Huckabee has garnered a respectable following and could be able to finance a longer campaign than one would expect. These candidates would need a balanced ticket with a centrist VP candidate, should they be successful come election time.

Whoever is nominated, it is sure to be a lively and eventful election cycle leading up to 2016.



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